Growth in Sarpy County

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Located on the Kennedy Freeway in Sarpy county, Williamsburg Plaza is at the heart of an area of steady, vital growth. Whether it is the growth of Offutt Air Force Base—Nebraska's largest employer—or the development of the new Nebraska Medical Center in Bellevue, business and industry are thriving in Sarpy county. The housing market also continues to grow. Across the street from Williamsburg Plaza, a 330-unit apartment complex is under construction. Fairview Crossing, a 120-lot housing development that surrounds Williamsburg, is halfway full and continues to grow. The tables below show a statistical snapshot of the community around Williamsburg Plaza.

2008 Demographic Information

based on radius around the Fairview interchange on the Kennedy Freeway
Demographic data © 2008 by Experian/Applied Geographic Solutions
1 Mile3 Mile5 Mile
Total Population2,93734,13256,676
Total Households1,22712,12421,394
Total Housing Units1,33813,12823,154
Average Household Income$85,551$68,372$70,018
Median Household Income$72,074$63,253$64,781

Traffic Information

automobile traffic per day
© 2008 Metro Area Planning Agency,
20002006% change
Fairview Road2,1007,300248%
Kennedy Freeway at Fairview18,90021,80015%
Kennedy-Fairview-Ft.Crook InterchangeNA26,600NA